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Elle Colquitt's had a love affair with her bike since training wheel days, but it was her move to east Tennessee that expanded her road and mountain biking opportunities. Along with the countless backroads that Tennessee has to offer, Elle has enjoyed touring outside of her state. She has ridden RAGBRAI (the Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa), through the Cotswolds in England and wound around the Finger Lakes in New York. She and Jon have toured the Blue Ridge Parkway, Vermont's Green Mountains and West Virginia's Alleghany Mountains. When not riding her bike, she enjoys hiking and paddling — always with her camera.

Elle lives in north Knoxville and works at Legacy Parks Foundation as communications manager and site developer for OutdoorKnoxville.

My favorite picture, compliments of Miles Cary—Knox News Sentinel

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Jon Livengood's roots run deep in mountain biking. In the early 90's, Jon started riding mountain bikes while attending UT in Knoxville. He quickly moved into racing and began competing in cross country, 12-hour and 100 mile races, winning the Tennessee State Series multiple times. In addition to mountain bike racing, Jon competed in cyclocross and road races throughout the southeast. Currently retired from racing, Jon now explores the trails in Southern Appalachia via single speed or by foot and journeys the blueways by kayak.

Jon lives in south Knoxville and works in the environmental field.

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Working as a team, the authors combine their passion for bicycling with their technical skills to self-publish guide books for the adventurer. As a graphic designer and photographer, Elle contributes to the book's layout, design and gallery of pictures while Jon's mapping and engineering skills create detailed maps explicit to the needs of a bicyclist.

For your adventures on and off the road, Mini Adventure Series has you mapped, cued and ready to go!


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