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A selection of photos featured in our Bicycling Routes and Off Road Trails books


What I love about photography from a bicycle is not having to find a place to park your car while you take a picture of the incredible scenery in front of you. Armed with my camera stuffed in my jersey pocket, I'm always ready for a "ride by shooting". Although photography by bicycle doesn't always lend itself to award winning pictures. There are the hazy-sky days and the rising, setting, and noon-day sun to contend with - not to mention, trying to take a shot while climbing, descending, or changing gears. With so many routes to ride, waiting for the perfect blue-sky day wasn't an option so my credo is "what I shot, is what I got" - and most of the time, I'm fairly pleased.

Click on the picture below to access the Bicyclng Routes photo album and our featured photographs from each ride.

Backroads Picture


Photographing the trail under the canopy of the forest with filtered sunlight streaming in and casting multiple shadows over the trail, plus trying to capture a rider in motion was quite a task for my point-and-shoot camera. Some shots came out exceptionally well while others got a poor review. Both my riding and photography skills improved during the writing of this book. I did find that I preferred my "ride-by-shooting" style that I use when road riding, as opposed to the "stop-and-shoot" method on the trail. My desire to stop for a shot interrupted the flow of the trail and my momentum for getting up and over hill bursts. But as always, the photographer in me overode the rider.


Click on the picture below to access the Off Road Trails photo album and our featured photographs for each trail.

Off Road Picture

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