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Off Road Trail systems around Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville and the Tri-Cities

trails cover
  • 31 off road trail systems throughout Tennessee
  • Fold-out topographic maps
  • Detailed trail info and trail descriptions
  • Suggested trail routes for each system
  • Scenic trail pictures
  • Comprehensive bicycling links
  • Great trail reference for mountain biking, trail running, and day hiking

Trail Systems Overview

trails overview

We've featured 31 mountain bike trail systems from around Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville and the Tri-Cities. Each mtb system is fully mapped showing all trails, connectors, spurs and roads. We color coded the radius around each city for easy reference. Each section offers driving directions to the trailheads, introductory summaries of each trail system, detailed trail maps and descriptions and a gallery of pictures.

Featured Trail Systems

Nashville Radius Trails

Knoxville Radius Trails

Bowie Nature Center - 10 miles singletrack and old roads Concord Park - 9 miles singletrack
Chickasaw Trace City Park - 8 miles singletrack Forks of the River - 8 miles s/t and old roads
Defeated Creek Park - 8 miles singletrack Haw Ridge Park - 30 miles mostly singletrack, few old roads
Hamilton Creek Park - 11 miles singletrack IC King Park - 7 miles singletrack
Lock 4 City Park - 8 miles singletrack William Hastie Park- 2.4 miles singletrack & 1.3 miles old roads
Jones Mill MTB Trails - 3.5 miles singletrack Norris Dam State Park - 8.9 miles singletrack and old roads
Montgomery Bell State Park - 20 miles ssingletrack Norris Watershed - 28.7 miles singletrack and old roads
Shutes Branch Trails - 3.8 miles singletrack and old roads Big South Fork NRRA - 22.5 miles singletrack and old roads
  Fall Creek Falls St Pk - 21 miles s/t & old roads, 6.5 miles paved

Chattanooga Radius Trails

Tri-Cities Radius Trais

Booker T Washington State Park - 5.5 miles singletrack Bays Mountain Park - 23 miles old roads and singletrack
Harrison Bay State Park - 4.2 miles singletrack Hampton Watershed Trails - 4.5 miles singletrack
Guild/Hardy Trail - 8.7 miles old roads Steele Creek Park - 15 miles s/t & old roads, 2 miles greenway
Raccoon Mountain Park - 21 miles singletrack Warriors Path State Park - 9.3 miles singletrack and old roads
Franklin State Forest - 24 miles s/t and 30+ miles old roads Panther Creek State Park - 9 miles singletrack and old roads
Tims Ford State park - 6.5 miles s/t & 8 miles paved trails  
Brush Creek Trails - 7.2 miles singletrack  
Boyd Gap Trail - 1.3 ml s/t plus 2.3 ml FS roads to Tanasi Tr  
Chilhowee Trails - 23 miles s/t and forest service roads  
Tanasi Trail System - 19 miles s/t and forest service roads  

Trail Topo Map Overview

Our full-colored, fold-out topographic maps make it easy to navigate any of the trail systems. Map details include mileages between important junctions and all necessary spurs, connectors and roads. Topographic map contours help you to see the terrain you're planning to ride. Each trail system is marked with a suggested route and all trails are color-colded. Parking, visitor and nature centers, restrooms, campgrounds and points of interest are highlighted. All maps are current and up-to-date, with gps data compiled in 2009.

Trail Description Overview

Each trail system is described with a rating for aerobic and technical difficulty, the elevation's low and high points, the trail surface and trail condition as well as other pertinent information. The trail description chart offers detailed information on the trails within each trail system stating mileages, ratings, tread, terrain and what to expect out on the trail.

trails maptrail description

For your adventures on and off the road, Mini Adventure Series has you mapped, cued and ready to go!


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